<p>Social Media is everywhere; <br />You reach over 60% of all internet users.   </p> <p> In 2012 Facebook will reach 1 billion active users. <br /></p> <p>There are over 500 million people on Twitter <br /> Over 340 million tweets are sent every single day </p> <p>Are you already using Social Media?<br /> </p>
  • Consultant

    Social Media Consultant

    Advice and guidance in starting and maintaining your Social Media.

  • Strategy


    We can fully maintain your Social Media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

  • Optimization

    Social Media Marketing

    We can set up targeted-marketing campaigns.

  • Content

    Content Creation

    Articles, Blogs, Videos -Give the public something to come back for.

  • About

    We give an honest advice about Social Media. It is possible to let your Social Media channels fully managed by one of our experts; or to following a training after which you can do this yourself. We have elaborate experience in maintenance, marketing and concent creation.

  • Current Projects

    Srananpoku InterUM Qwieck

    Our current projects


  • project 1
    Srananpoku Marketing

    Currently the most popular page in Surinam.

  • project 2

    Elaborate report and targeted advice about Facebook and Twitter.

  • project 3
    Page Analysis

    Let us check analyse your current Social Media channels.

  • project 4
    Mobile Environment

    Want to go mobile? Let us help you out.